EGS Collab Testbed 1: Temperature profile leapfrog.001302

This submission includes an input file, plot file, Fortran conversion file, and 3D data file from the simulation of the temperature profile within the Test Bed #1 of the EGS Collab project. The simulation was executed with PNNL's STOMP-GT simulator, which reads the input file, and produces the STOMP-GT Simulated 2D Temperature Distribution Data (plot.001302 file). The Fortran conversion file, converts the STOMP-GT Simulated 2D Temperature Distribution Data (plot.001302) 2D results in local coordinates to 3D results in Homestake coordinates. This file contains temperature distributions around the West Access Drift on the 4850 Level of the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Homestake coordinates. This file was created from a two-dimensional simulation with STOMP-GT, and translated to a 3D distribution with the Fortran program stomptoleapfrog.f. The formatting for the leapfrog.001302 file is one input per line with x, y, z, t, with dimensions in ft and temperature in ˚C.

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