University of Illinois Campus Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study - Bedrock Geology ArcGIS Layers

Bedrock Geology of Champaign County, Illinois, map layers (shapefiles).
Layers included: 1) Champaign County bedrock units. 2) Champaign County bedrock surface contours. Contour interval of 25 feet. 3) Colchester coal surface contours. Contour interval of 50 feet. 4) Kimmswick Limestone top contours, in the Mahomet dome area. Contour interval of 20 feet. 5) New Albany shale base contour. Contour interval of 100 feet. Shapefiles (map layers) containing Bedrock Geology of Champaign County, Illinois.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 40.208373201759
South Bound 39.953384456027
East Bound -88.089717675781
West Bound -88.424637011719