A Light Stable Isotope Study of the Roosevelt Hot Springs Thermal Area, Southwestern Utah

Previous work; general geology, structure, and intrusive and extrusive history of area; mineral deposits and alteration; table showing major chemical constituents of waters from Roosevelt Hot Springs; sample selection and preparation; analytical procedures including extraction techniques and mass spectrometry; table showing isotopic analyses of waters, silicates, and carbonates from the Roosevelt area; origin of thermal waters; water/rock atomic oxygen ratio calculations; extent of isotopic change; isotopic composition of K-mica clays and calcite; carbon isotopic composition of calcite; conclusions; suggestions for future isotopic studies.

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Name David T. Rohrs and John R. Bowman
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Organization Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Utah
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North Bound 38.37159568007
South Bound 38.338750040804
East Bound -112.78984336914
West Bound -112.84649162354