Active Management of Integrated Geothermal-CO2 Storage Reservoirs in Sedimentary Formations Section-2.1.5.C.tar.gz

The purpose of phase 1 is to determine the feasibility of integrating geologic CO2 storage (GCS) with geothermal energy production. Phase 1 includes reservoir analyses to determine injector/producer well schemes that balance the generation of economically useful flow rates at the producers with the need to manage reservoir overpressure to reduce the risks associated with overpressure, such as induced seismicity and CO2 leakage to overlying aquifers.

This submission contains input and output files of the reservoir model analyses. A reservoir-model "index-html" file has been included to organize the reservoir-model input and output files according to sections of the FY1 Final Report to which they pertain. The recipient should save the file: Reservoir-models-inputs-outputs-index.html in the same directory that the files: Section2.1.*.tar.gz files are saved in. This file contains input and output files of reservoir model analyses, using the NUFT nonisothermal flow and transport code. These files apply to Section 2.1.5 of the FY1 Final Report.

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