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The objective of advanced drilling and logging technologies is to promote ways and means to reduce the cost of geothermal drilling through an integrated effort which involves developing an understanding of geothermal drilling and logging needs, elucidating best practices, and fostering an environment and mechanisms to share methods and means to advance the state of the art. Drilling is an essential and expensive part of geothermal exploration, development, and utilization. Drilling, logging, and completing geothermal wells are expensive because of high temperatures and hard, fractured formations. The consequences of reducing cost are often impressive, because drilling and well completion can account for more than half of the capital cost for a geothermal power project.

The objectives of Advanced Geothermal Drilling and Logging Technologies are: 1. Quantitatively understand geothermal drilling costs from around the world and identify ways to reduce those costs, while maintaining or enhancing productivity. 2. Identify and develop new and improved technologies for significantly reducing the cost of geothermal well construction to lower the cost of electricity and/or heat produced with geothermal resources. 3. Inform the international geothermal community about these drilling technologies. 4. Provide a vehicle for international cooperation, field tests, etc. toward the development and demonstration of improved geothermal drilling and logging technologies. Annual Report for 2012 IEA/GIA Annex VII titled "Advanced Geothermal Drilling and Logging Technologies."

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