Appalachian Basin Play Fairway Analysis: Natural Reservoir Analysis in Low-Temperature Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis for the Appalachian Basin (GPFA-AB) Reservoirs_Phase1_data.prj

The files included in this submission contain all data pertinent to the methods and results of this task's output, which is a cohesive multi-state map of all known potential geothermal reservoirs in our region, ranked by their potential favorability. Favorability is quantified using a new metric, Reservoir Productivity Index, as explained in the Reservoirs Methodology Memo (included in zip file). Shapefile and images of the Reservoir Productivity and Reservoir Uncertainty are included as well (hover over file display names to see actual file names in bottom-left corner of screen). Part of the Reservoirs_Phase1_data shapefile. *Newer version exists - see link below

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