WISE-CASING: Surface Seismic Survey at Cymric Field, California Central Valley Cymric_seismic.pptx

This test was conducted at the Chevron Cymric oilfield in the California central valley near Bakersfield. A reflected seismic signal was observed in all three components (x, y, z) of the 3-component Episensor geophone, as well as all phones on the single component array. The arrival time of the reflected seismic signal matches calculations based on a reasonable velocity model (~650 m/s). The seismic data has three channels that are from the 3-C Broadband Episensor, then from 4th -- 12th channels has no data. Channel 13 -- 25 are surface single change vertical geophones. The source of this seismic survey is weight drop. More info could be found from the data header and the attached PPT file. This is the geometry setup and the resulted figures from this survey.

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North Bound 35.374947244264
South Bound 35.063953158304
East Bound -119.36779384766
West Bound -119.92799541016