Brady's Geothermal Field - March 2016 Vibroseis SEG-Y Files and UTM Locations Stage 4 SEG-Y Files

PoroTomo March 2016 Updated vibroseis source locations with UTM locations. Supersedes Updated vibroseis source location data for Stages 1-4, PoroTomo March 2016. This revision includes source point locations in UTM format (meters) for all four Stages of active source acquisition.

Vibroseis sweep data were collected on a Signature Recorder unit (mfr Seismic Source) mounted in the vibroseis cab during the March 2016 PoroTomo active seismic survey Stages 1 to 4. Each sweep generated a GPS timed SEG-Y file with 4 input channels and a 20 second record length. Ch1 = pilot sweep, Ch2 = accelerometer output from the vibe's mass, Ch3 = accel output from the baseplase, and Ch4 = weighted sum of the accelerometer outputs. SEG-Y files are available via the links below. Link to archive containing sweep data from Stage 4 of the March 2016 PoroTomo active seismic survey

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Field Value
Citation Date 2016-03-31T00:00:00-06:00

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Original ID f0000005-58cc-4372-a567-000000000860
Index Date 2018-03-08T17:44:53-07:00
Original Format ISO-USGIN
Original Version 1.2


Name Kurt Feigl
Position primary contact
Organization University of Wisconsin

Geographic Extent

North Bound 39.9883
South Bound 39.5883
East Bound -118.8167
West Bound -119.2167