CO2 Push-Pull Single Fault Injection Simulations BradyGF10_Exp_10_injec_out16-1.2d.txt

ASCII text files containing grid-block name, X-Y-Z location, and multiple parameters from TOUGH2 simulation output of CO2 injection into an idealized single fault representing a dipping normal fault at the Desert Peak geothermal field (readable by GMS). The fault is composed of a damage zone, a fault gouge and a slip plane. The runs are described in detail in the following:

Borgia A., Oldenburg C.M., Zhang R., Jung Y., Lee K.J., Doughty C., Daley T.M., Chugunov N., Altundas B, Ramakrishnan T.S., 2017. Carbon Dioxide Injection for Enhanced Characterization of Faults and Fractures in Geothermal Systems. Proceedings of the 42st Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California, February 13-17. 3D simulation, output at 1.2 days, no slip plane.

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Name Andrea Borgia
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Geographic Extent

North Bound 39.95
South Bound 39.55
East Bound -118.75
West Bound -119.15