Deep Direct-Use Feasibility Study Computed Tomography (CT)-scanned data Analysis for the Tuscarora Sandstone at the National Energy Technology Laboratory Exported segmented files

The computed tomography (CT) facilities at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Morgantown, West Virginia site were used to characterize core of the Tuscarora Sandstone from a vertical well in Preston County WV, the Preston-119 from a depth of 7,165 to 7,438 ft. The primary impetus of this work is a collaboration between West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (WVGES) and NETL to characterize core from multiple wells to better understand the geologic framework of key stratigraphic units in West Virginia. As part of this effort, bulk scans of core were obtained from the Pres-119 well, provided by the WVGES. This report, and the associated scans generated, provide detailed datasets not typically available for researchers to analyze.

This dataset contains CT scan images collected from the cores obtained from Clay 513, Harrison 79, and Preston 119 wells. Additional processing of the CT scan data from Preston 119 well is performed to semi-quantitatively assess fracture volume. These results are summarized in figures, and spreadsheets. Software Requirement Note: Free software may be required to view some of the information provided. Software used for data analysis include ilastik, FIJI and ImageJ2. Contains the files produced after segmentation in ilastik. They can be viewed in several image processing programs including ImageJ2 or FIJI. After importing the segmented tiff stack for a core section into one of the image processing programs you can view the volumes and calculate the percentages by following the instructions in the '% volume by CT calc' powerpoint. The background (air/outside) is subtracted and the percent volume of fractures can be determined for the entire sample. These segmentations and associated calculations were performed on entire scans (2 to 3 foot sections of core, one length of core box); these can be refined if a small subset is chosen. With a smaller subset, additional artifacts can be removed such as beam hardening and edge effects.

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