Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Data for Periodic Hydraulic Tests: Hydraulic Data MCole_Thesis_2018.pdf

Hydraulic responses from periodic hydraulic tests conducted at the Mirror Lake Fractured Rock Research Site, during the summer of 2015. These hydraulic responses were measured also using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) which is cataloged in a different submission under this grant number. The tests are explained in detail in Matthew Cole's MS Thesis which is cataloged here.

The injection and drawdown data and the codes used to analyze the data. Sinusoidal Data is a Matlab data file containing a data table for each period-length test. Within each table is a column labeled: time (seconds since beginning of pumping), Inj_m3pm (formation injection in cubic meters per minute), and head for each observation well (meters). The three Matlab script files (*.m) were used to analyze hydraulic responses from the data file above. High-Pass Sinusoid is a routine for filtering the data, computing the FFT, and extracting phase and amplitude values. Borestore is a routine which contains the borehole storage analytic solution and compares modeled amplitude and phase from this solution to computed amplitude and phase from the data. Patsearch Borestore is a routine containing the built-in pattern search optimization method. This minimizes the total error between modeled and actual amplitude and phase in Borestore. Comments within the script files contain more specific instructions for their use. Thesis that describes periodic hydraulic tests conducted at Mirror Lake, NH

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