EGS Collab Testbed 2: Laser Scanned 4100 L Drift Map 6ft 4100L LCleaned.dxf

The EGS Collab project is evaluating a site for Experiment 2 (hydraulic fracturing/shearing) at a depth of 1.25 km in the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) on the 4100 Level. Two early test holes were drilled in an alcove (formerly known as Battery Charging Station) near Yates Shaft. Recently, we conducted a laser survey around the Testbed 2 to capture the details of the drift. This submission package includes the laser scanned drift map around the Testbed 2. The drift map data are presented in AutoCAD (*dxf), Leapfrog mesh (.msh), and point cloud (.csv) file formats.

Note: The coordinate system used is local Homestake Mine Coordinate (HMC) system from an old gold mine that was in operation for over 100 years. These files represent the geometry of the drift map in dxf file format (an AutoCAD mesh file). The units are in ft with local Homestake Mine Coordinate System.

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