Exploration Gap Assessment (FY13 Update) well_data.prj

This submission contains an update to the previous Exploration Gap Assessment funded in 2012, which identify high potential hydrothermal areas where critical data are needed (gap analysis on exploration data).

The uploaded data are contained in two data files for each data category: A shape (SHP) file containing the grid, and a data file (CSV) containing the individual layers that intersected with the grid. This CSV can be joined with the map to retrieve a list of datasets that are available at any given site. A grid of the contiguous U.S. was created with 88,000 10-km by 10-km grid cells, and each cell was populated with the status of data availability corresponding to five data types:

  1. well data
  2. geologic maps
  3. fault maps
  4. geochemistry data
  5. geophysical data Associated shapefile projection file.

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Name Dan Getman
Position primary contact
Organization National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Email dan.getman@nrel.gov

Geographic Extent

North Bound 49.378264071349
South Bound 24.906620000805
East Bound -65.0816
West Bound -125.5392625