Fallon FORGE: LiDAR Acquisition and Processing Report Fallon_LiDAR_Report.pdf

The data is associated to the Fallon FORGE project and includes LiDAR from the Navy GPO. Also included are geologic maps from the USGS and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology for the Fallon, NV area. Watershed Sciences, Inc. (WS) collected Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data for the Fallon, NV project between October 9th and December 4th, 2010. This report documents the acquisition, processing methods, accuracy assessment, and deliverables for 211,310 acre NAS Fallon, B-16, B-19, and B-17 Fallon areas of interest (AOIs). The B-20 AOI will be delivered at a later date with an updated cumulative report. The requested areas were expanded to include a 100m buffer to ensure complete coverage and adequate point densities around survey area boundaries resulting in a total of 218,781 acres of data in Delivery 1.

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