Fallon FORGE: Well Log Database wirelineLogs_fieldAbbreviations.xlsx

Master well database for all logs and other well data pertaining to the Fallon FORGE site. Tables are formatted in NGDS Teir 3 schema where appropriate; redundancies between tables are omitted, and should be queried off of the main WellHeader table. All relationships are set on the "HeaderURI" primary key.


WellHeader - well locations and information

ChemFluid - aqueous chemistry analyses ChemRock - rock chemistry analyses DensityCore - rock densities from core FracturesInduced - induced borehole fractures FracturesNatural - natural borehole factures LithIntercepts - lithology picks from cuttings and core MagSuscCore - magnetic susceptibility for core samples MagSuscPmag - magnetic susceptibility for pmag samples PTSLogs - pressure-temperature-spin logs WirelineLogs - digital wireline logs (21-31 only) Excel file defining abbreviations used in wireline logs.

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Citation Date 2018-07-05T00:00:00-06:00

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Original ID f0000001-58cc-4372-a567-000000001074
Index Date 2019-11-14T16:50:36-07:00
Original Format ISO-USGIN
Original Version 1.2


Name Doug Blankenship
Position primary contact
Organization Sandia National Laboratories
Email dablank@sandia.gov

Geographic Extent

North Bound 39.58
South Bound 39.18
East Bound -118.45
West Bound -118.85