Fluid Geochemistry, Granite Springs Valley, Nevada Play Fairway Analysis Field_Data3.xlsx

This data set is associated with the Nevada Play Fairway project. Excel file 5-Area Chem contains all the major chemistry for the areas sampled in the project. New analyses are in lines 2-30, while older analyses appear below that. Field Data excel file contains both field notes and data with ninety entries showing sixty areas not sampled either because they were to dry, cold, or unable to locate. Thirty sites were sampled and their sample numbers appear in this file corresponding to those in the 5-Area Chemistry file. Excel file 5-Area Geothermometer contains a summary of geothermometers calculated for the new and historical data sets. Scanned field sheets are attached as a pdf. Contains both field notes and data with ninety entries

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Name James E. Faulds
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Organization Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
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Geographic Extent

North Bound 41.00001258388
South Bound 39.724302919402
East Bound -117.80498867187
West Bound -119.26606914063