Fort Bliss Geothermal Area Data: Temperature Profile, Logs, Schematic Model and Cross Section gravity_faults (2).zip

This dataset contains a variety of data about the Fort Bliss geothermal area, part of the southern portion of the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico. The dataset contains schematic models for the McGregor Geothermal System, a shallow temperature survey of the Fort Bliss geothermal area. The dataset also contains Century OH logs, a full temperature profile, and complete logs from well RMI 56-5, including resistivity and porosity data, drill logs with drill rate, depth, lithology, mineralogy, fractures, temperature, pit total, gases, and descriptions among other measurements as well as CDL, CNL, DIL, GR Caliper and Temperature files.

A shallow (2 meter depth) temperature survey of the Fort Bliss geothermal area with 63 data points is also included.

Two cross sections through the Fort Bliss area, also included, show well position and depth. The surface map included shows faults and well spatial distribution. Inferred and observed fault distributions from gravity surveys around the Fort Bliss geothermal area. Shapefile showing spatial distribution of faults and wells around Fort Bliss

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North Bound 32.850662622927
South Bound 31.457769516643
East Bound -105.66334058795
West Bound -106.72276025672