Geologic Map of the Corcoran Canyon Quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada, USGS I-2680

1:24,000 scale Geologic Map of the Corcoran Canyon quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada, USGS I-2680. Detailed geologic mapping by Daniel R. Shawe, Richard F. Hardyman, and Frank M. Byers, Jr. in 2000. Geology mapped in May-June 1983, June-July 1984, July-August 1991, July-August 1992 (assisted by Ben Reed), June-July 1993, July 1994, and September 1995. Editing and digital cartography by Alessandro J. Donatich. Geology digitized bt Geologic Data Systems, Inc. Cross sections drafted by Springfield and Springfield Manuscript approved for publication April 27, 1999. Geologic map includes 8 cross sections and description of 52 units. The GIS work was in support of the U. S. Geological Survey COGEOMAP program. The Geodatabase specifies feature datasets and feature classes, together with feature attributes, subtypes and domains, suitable for a variety of geologic maps. In addition to basic geology (lithology, contacts and faults, etc.), the maps may include metamorphic overprints, cross sections, and explanatory legend-graphics such as correlation charts, used to supplement columnar legends. Base map: U.S. Geological Survey Corcoran Canyon, 1971. For more information about this resource, or to download this map and associated GIS zipped datasets, please see the links provided.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 38.576
South Bound 38.618
East Bound -116.744
West Bound -116.882