Geologic Map of the Little Horse Canyon Quadrangle, White Pine County, Nevada and Millard County, Utah, NBMG FS20

1:24,000 scale Geologic Map of the Little Horse Canyon Quadrangle, Nevada and Utah. Detailed geologic mapping by Phillip B. Gans, Elizabeth L. Miller, Carey C Huggins, and Jeffrey Lee in 1999. Map includes two cross sections and description of 35 units. One of the seven quadrangles in the north Snake Range mapped by Stanford University's Summer Field program. The GIS work was in support of the U. S. Geological Survey COGEOMAP program. The Snake Range, in eastern White Pine County, Nevada, is a 150-km-long, north-trending mountain range in the northern Basin and Range province. Sacramento Pass divides the range into two main parts, the northern and southern Snake Range. The Little Horse Canyon Quadrangle is located on the eastern flank of the northern Snake Range and includes portions of the Horse Canyon, little Horse Canyon, and Smith Creek drainages. The Snake Range is considered a classic example of a Cenozoic "metamorphic core complex" (for example, Coney, 1979). The most prominent structural feature of the range is the northern Snake Range decollement (NSRD), a low-angle fault. Previous work includes Hose and Blake (1976) a 1 :250,000-scale geologic map of White Pine County which included the first published geologic map of all of the northern Snake Range; Nelson (1966, 1969) mapped the northern e,nd of the range as part of a regional mapping project that included the Kern Mountains and southern Deep Creek Range; studies in the northern Snake Range by geologists based at Stanford University began in 1981 by Miller and others (1983) and Gans and Miller (1983). Geologic mapping was supported by the Quadrangle mapping Program of the Geological Society of Nevada and by Echo Bay Minerals Company, Magma Nevada mining Company (now BHP), and the NBMG Mining Coop Fund. Base map: U. S. Geological Survey Little Horse Canyon 7.5-minute Quadrangle, 1985. To download and view this map resource, associated text, and GIS zipped data-set, please see the links provided.

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North Bound 39.375188365262
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