Geologic Map of the Rice Mountain Quadrangle, Lincoln County, Nevada and Iron County, Utah, NBMG FS07

A 1:24,000 scale, full color geologic map of the Rice Mountain quadrangle, Lincoln County, Nevada and Iron County, Utah, with 2 cross sections and description of 23 units. Detailed geologic mapping by Jeffrey D. Keith, David G. Tingey, and Myron G. Best of Bringham Young University in 1994. Location of the Rice Mountain Quadrangle in relation to nearby geologic maps published by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Indian Peak caldera complex consisting of the Indian Peak White Rock and Mt. Wilson calderas that collapsed as the Wah Wah Springs, Lund, and Ripgut tuffs, were erupted (Best and others, 1989a). Paritial financial support for field work provided by the Geological Society of Nevada. The GIS work was in support of the U.S. Geological Survey COGEOMAP program. The Geodatabase specifies feature datasets and feature classes, together with feature attributes, subtypes and domains, suitable for a variety of geologic maps. In addition to basic geology, the maps may include metamorphic overprints, cross sections, and explanatory legend graphics such as correlation charts, used to supplement columnar legends. To download this GIS zipped data-set resource, please see the link provided.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 38.1296277081
South Bound 37.9908794522
East Bound -113.979356173
West Bound -114.147263089