Geothermal Progress Monitor. Report No. 16, December 1994

This issue, the 16th since 1980, illustrates the potential of the liquid-dominated geothermal resource. Achievement of this potential by publicly held companies, who are required to publish financial statements, has involved the use of high-quality resources and the best available technologies or, in some instances, their own innovative modifications of existing technologies as well as a high degree of technical and management expertise. This issue also documents some effects of the new climate of utility deregulation and competition among independent power producers on the geothermal industry. The continuing importance attached to geothermal heat pumps as a preferred space conditioning Technology by a number of disparate interests is illustrated by a number of articles. Magma Power Co. Reported record gains in both 1993 revenues and earnings over 1992; California Energy has acquired Magma, creating the largest geothermal energy producer in the world. Owing to stagnation in USA, it was decided to focus on international markets. After the introduction, the issue has Sections on: Federal beat, industry scene, financing, Technology Development, direct use Technology, state and local, international, Technology transfer, and directory. Library ID #: oitGHC_0834-13

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