Geothermal Thermoelectric Generation (G-TEG) with Integrated Temperature Driven Membrane Distillation and Novel Manganese Oxide for Lithium Extraction Final Report Geothermal Project Final Report (06-01-2017).pdf

This project aims to develop an innovative Geothermal ThermoElectric Generation (G-TEG) system specially designed to both generate electricity and extract high-value lithium (Li) from low-temperature geothermal brines. The process combined five modular technologies including silica removal, nanofiltration (NF), membrane distillation (MD), Mn-oxide sorbent for Li recovery, and TEG. This project provides a proof of concept for each of these technologies.

This is the final report from the project. It includes corrections and the final data. The final report supersedes all previous submissions. This is the final report from the project. It supersedes all previous submissions. It has the corrected information and final data. Includes discussions and results for SiO2 precipitation, nanofiltration, membrane distillation and Mn-oxide sorbent. Also includes detailed explanation of thermoelectric power generation system and a technical and economic assessment.

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