Geothermal utilization at Castle Oaks subdivision, Castle Rock, Colorado

Park Funding Corporation is in the preliminary design stages for a major new 3,700-acre housing development located approximately 30 miles south of Denver near the community of Castle Rock, Colorado. The development will eventually provide homes for between 50,000 and 60,000 people. In addition to single- and multifamily residential sites, areas will be provided for schools, medical centers, commercial development, and limited light industrial facilities.

Water for the development will come from the four distinct aquifers of the Denver Basin geological formation. Production wells have been drilled to each of the four aquifers; water temperatures range from 65oF to 105oF. Coury and Associates, Inc. is the contractor for Park Funding Corporation through the Department of Energy's Technical Assistance Program to provide assistance for the design of geothermal systems utilizing the warm water supplied from the wells.

This report summarizes the results of those activities. The report is divided into three sections entitled Resource Assessment, Geothermal Utilization, and Economic Considerations. In the first section, Resource Assessment, the resource is appraised. In the second section, Geothermal Utilization, the direct-use possibilities of the geothermal resource and heat pump applications are discussed. Also in this section, the preferred approach for geothermal utilization is outlined and heat loads are estimated. In the last section, Economic Considerations, the capital costs, operating costs, payback periods, and tax incentives are detailed.

Elevation was reported as the range 1,830- 2,040. The maximum elevation value was entered into the surface elevation field.

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