GeoVision: Harnessing the Heat Beneath Our Feet - Analysis Inputs and Results Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Resource Potential Estimate

This submission includes input and results data from analysis done as part of the Geothermal Technology Office's Geothermal Vision Study (GeoVision). The submission includes data for both analysis of the electricity sector and the heating and cooling sector. For the electricity sector, the submission includes geothermal resource potential and development cost inputs for the ReEDS model and ReEDS model results of projected installed capacity and generation of geothermal and other technologies under the GeoVision scenarios. It also includes results from environmental and social impacts analysis. For the cooling sector, the submission includes geothermal resource potential and development cost inputs for the dGeo model and dGeo model results of economic, market, and deployment potential. Compilation of data (spreadsheet and shapefiles) for several low-temperature resource types, including isolated springs and wells, delineated area convection systems, sedimentary basins and coastal plains sedimentary systems. This data is used as resource potential estimates input in the dGeo model to model direct use (DU) geothermal potential in the GeoVision study. For each system, we include estimates of the accessible resource base, mean extractable resource and beneficial heat. Data compiled from USGS and other sources.General locations are provided in the spreadsheet; specific locations are provided in the associated shapefiles. The paper (submitted to GDR 2016) describing the methodology and analysis is also included.

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