Gravity Survey of the Cove Fort-Sulphurdale KGRA and the North Mineral Mountains Area, Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah

During the summers of 1975 and 1976, a gravity survey was conducted in the Cove Fort-Sulphurdale KGRA and north Mineral Mountains area, Millard and Beaver Counties, Utah. The survey consisted of 671 gravity stations covering an area of about 1300 km{sup 2}, and included two orthogonal gravity profiles traversing the area. The gravity data are presented as a terrain-corrected Bouguer gravity anomaly map with a contour interval of 1 mgal and as an isometric three-dimensional gravity anomaly surface. Selected anomaly separation techniques were applied to the hand-digitized gravity data (at 1-km intervals on the Universal Transverse Mercator grid) in both the frequency and space domains, including Fourier decomposition, second vertical derivative, strike-filter, and polynomial fitting analysis, respectively.

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Name Brumbaugh, W.D. , Cook, K.L.
Organization Geo-Heat Center, Oregon Institute of Technology, Klamath Falls, OR (USA)

Geographic Extent

North Bound 42.001618
South Bound 36.9979031
East Bound -114.0529979
West Bound -109.0410581