Guide to Demonstrations of Energy Conservation, Solar Energy and Other New Technologies: Energy Extension Service

This guide was compiled by the Energy Extension Service (EES) for use by State EES planners. It is intended to facilitate viewing of solar, conservation, and other energy technologies at work. The demonstrations listed in this Guide have generally been limited to those most applicable to individual homeowners, small businesses, schools, and farms. In a few states, however, municipal systems have also been included. Many of these projects have received Federal funding. The majority of projects demonstrate some form of solar energy. In addition to solar heating and cooling for homes and commercial buildings, a number of examples of farm applications such as solar crop drying are listed, as well as demonstrations of wind energy, biomass, photovoltaics, etc. Since all successful solar heating and cooling systems incorporate sensible energy-conserving design, each solar heating and/or cooling project is at the same time an energy-conservation project. When these conseration designs are of special interest or inventiveness, this has been noted. In a few cases, projects demonstrate only conservation measures, such as the construction of buildings underground.

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