Heat Flow Contours and Well Data Around the Utah FORGE Site Milford_wells.zip

This submission contains a shapefile of heat flow contour lines around the FORGE site located in Milford, Utah. The model was interpolated from data points in the Milford_wells shapefile. This heat flow model was interpolated from 66 data points using the kriging method in Geostatistical Analyst tool of ArcGIS. The resulting model was smoothed 100%. The well dataset contains 59 wells from various sources, with lat/long coordinates, temperature, quality, basement depth, and heat flow. This data was used to make models of the specific characteristics. This shapefile shows the distribution of wells around the Milford FORGE site, as well as attributed data of each well. Data includes temperature, heat flow, depth, etc..

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Name Joe Moore
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Geographic Extent

North Bound 38.6867158822
South Bound 38.2867158822
East Bound -112.652795604
West Bound -113.052795604