Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Survey of Sarikaya (Yozgat-Turkey) Thermal and Mineral Waters

Sarikaya geothermal field is located 80 km SE of Yozgat city center (in Sarikaya town center). The basement complex is formed of Paleozoic aged schist, quartzite and marbles in this field. Eocene aged marl, claystone and limestone and alternating clayey limestone, sandstone and marl Pliocene deposits lie unconformably on this basement. Quaternary aged travertine and alluvium lie at the top. There are major fault lines trending E-W and NE-SW.Temperatures of thermal and mineral waters obtained from springs and wells in the research area varies between 25-60.1oC, and electrical conductivity is 400-1300 s/cm. Thermal and mineral waters are characterized as calcium bicarbonate waters (Ca-HCO3).According to isotopic analysis, Sarikaya thermal waters have meteoric origin. Oxygen-18 ([HTML_REMOVED]18O) values of thermal water vary between -10.2 to -11.4 and and #948;2H values from -79.6 to -80.6.Low tritium contents relative to recent precipitation shows that groundwater released from the springs have a long term (30-40 years) residence time underground.

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Name H. Ozen Turker, Sakir Simsek and Kemal Koc
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