Hydrogeochemical study of the Resadiye (Tokat) geothermal field, Turkey

Resadiye Cermik travertine area is one of the main natural heritages located within the Kelkit valley in the Middle of the Black Sea geographical region of Turkey. It is covered by the widespread natural, white travertines, which are acquired immediately on deposition from hot spring waters. Defination of the physico-chemical characteristics of the hot waters, factors affecting the travertine deposition, sources of pollution and protection were the main objectives of this study. Thermal water emanates from a N25W-N65W oriented tension fracture which is located within the North Anatolian Fault Zone. The composition of waters in Resadiye is governed by water-rock interactions. They are bicarbonate waters but do not reflect a peripheral or steam-heated origin. The silica geothermometer gives temperature ranging from 51 to 96 o C. These hot waters are of meteoric origin and circulation in the systems is closely related to tectonic activity.

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