Investigation of Thermal Springs throughout Arizona: Geochemical, Isotopic, and Geological Characterization, Arizona Basin and Range Province

Under the Department of Energy National Geothermal Data System Supplemental Data project to discover new geothermal data, the Arizona Geological Survey investigated the geochemical makeup of groundwater from select thermal springs and wells during late 2012 through 2013. In addition, the related geological context was investigated to evaluate potential groundwater transport mechanisms and heat sources relevant to geothermal energy production. Chemical analysis of thermal groundwater may be used to estimate subsurface temperatures by applying chemical geothermometry techniques, thus attempting to specify reservoir temperatures and to model possible sources of heat. An exploration program that integrates geochemical indicators of aquifer geometry and temperature with geology, geophysics, well targeting and well testing is likely to lower the cost of building sufficient confidence in resource conceptual models capable to commit to a generation capacity and plan well targets for development. This report is intended to discuss the geochemistry and geology in relation to the select hot springs and wells sampled throughout Southern Arizona. The report presents the data and our interpretation to the extent of our limited understanding of geochemistry and complex factors that contribute to the geothermometry. It is meant to provide data for geothermal experts and others interested in pursuing additional interpretation.

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