MT Data: Newberry 4D EGS Project Link to EDX Collaborative Workspace hosting the MT data

This submission contains a link to the EDX Collaborative Workspace where the MT data collected in support of the DOE GTO 4D EGS monitoring project is stored.

Daily production reports-- Oregon State University (OSU) had 6 stations running continuously. --Dynamic survey map, KML file with MT locations on the west flank. Read off at location, created excel file for locations of each NBL. Zonge has two N-S lines of MT stations, 1-x and 2-x. Created excel file for locations of each 1-x and 2-x. --In stations, each station has day file with calibration of magnetometers, 6 channels. .Z3d are proprietary data files (refer to Zonge Int'l) --MT Section: has four channels that went into it, in edi format are given frequenices, coordinate system. Tensor-- four elements of this tensor at each frequency. The tensor is complex-valued-- it has a real part and an imaginary part at each frequency. In .zxr the impedance sensor relates N-S to E-W. "r" is imaginary. "ZXYVAR" is variance, error on each impedance tensor. Transmuted into apparent resistivity "ro". phase. Links to the EDX Collaborative Workspace hosting the MT data

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