Oregon Cascades Play Fairway Analysis: Raster Datasets and Models Oregon_Cascades_Heat_CRS.zip

This submission includes maps of the spatial distribution of basaltic, and felsic rocks in the Oregon Cascades. It also includes a final Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) model, with the heat and permeability composite risk segments (CRS) supplied separately. Metadata for each raster dataset can be found within the zip files, in the TIF images This is the heat composite risk segment (CRS) used for play fairway analysis in the Oregon Cascades. This CRS was created using probability kriging statistical surfaces representing (1) Quaternary felsic intrusive and extrusive rock with a weighting of 0.24; (2) Quaternary mafic extrusive rock with a weighting of 0.06; (3) heat flow with a weighting of 0.15; and (4) magnetotelluric conductors with a weighting of 0.55. These data were integrated using the Weighted Sums method in ArcGIS. This dataset has been normalized with a range of 0-1.

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North Bound 45.177898353711
South Bound 42.463549873087
East Bound -120.32525261197
West Bound -122.74302205105