Porotomo: InSAR Data from San Emidio Geothermal Field, Nevada, 1992-2010 sanem_dem_utm.grd

This submission contains tarred pair directories for interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) data covering San Emidio Geothermal Field in Nevada, USA as part of the porotomo project. Data included within this submission are the following: > ENVI_T120_GDR.tgz: Tarred directory containing 39 Envisat track 120 tarred, pair subdirectories spanning from 2003-Oct-29 to 2010-Jun-09. > ENVI_T27_GDR.tgz: Tarred directory containing 32 Envisat track 27 tarred, pair subdirectories spanning from 2004-Jun-23 to 2010-Apr-28. > ERS_T27_GDR.tgz: Tarred directory containing 35 ERS track 27 tarred, pair subdirectories spanning from 1992-Jun-07 to 2000-Sep-27. > ENVI_T27_SQR_drange_utm_cut.grd: SqueeSAR-derived data product for Enivsat track 27 from Eneva, et al. (2011) (provided by TRE Altamira) in terms of unwrapped range change rate. > MSTvsSQR_GDR.tgz: Tarred directory containing Easting gradient files for each satellite and track corresponding to the MST data products and the SqueeSAR data products. > sanem_dem_utm.grd: Digital elevation model (DEM) used in the creation of the interferograms.

Explanation of pair subdirectories (contained within ENVI_T120_GDR, ENVI_T27_GDR, ERS_T27_GDR): Pairs are chosen based on a minimum spanning tree (MST) algorithm with image quality (as measured by the amount of phase noise within an interferometric pair) as the weighting criterion. Pairs are formed using the InSAR processing software GMT5SAR (Sandwell et al., 2011). Pair subdirectories are named by starting and ending epochs in YYYYMMDD_YYYYMMDD format. Each tarred pair directory contains GRD files for wrapped phase data (radians) and wrapped phase data after application of a modified Goldstein filter that depends on coherence (Goldstein & Werner, 1997; Baran et al., 2003; Sandwell et al., 2011). The data are given in both latitude/longitude and Universal Transverse Mercator (Zone 11N). Raw Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data from the Envisat and ERS satellite missions operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) are copyrighted by ESA and were provided through the WInSAR consortium at the UNAVCO facility. Digital elevation model (DEM) used in the creation of the interferograms

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 40.58
South Bound 40.18
East Bound -119.2
West Bound -119.6