Rare Earth Element Sorption Study on sieved -50 +100 mesh fraction of Media 1 in Brine 1 with Different Starting pHs at 70C 20150721 Shaker Bath test Brine 1 2ppm each 7 metal 150mL 2g KGH media pH4.5 at 70C GG2-87.xlsx

This is a continuation of the rare earth element sorption study for shaker bath tests on 2g media #1 in 150mL brine #1 with different starting pH's at 70C. In a previous submission we reported data for shaker bath tests for brine #1 with starting pH's of 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5. In this submission we these pH's compared to starting brine #1 pH's of 6, and 7. This is the raw data set for a shaker bath test for 2g of +50 +100 mesh media #1 in 150mL of brine #1 at 70C and a starting pH of 4.5 shaking for 90 minutes. Th e concentration of REE's was 2ppm each of the REE7 metals. (Samples GG2-87_)

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