Recent glaciological and volcanological studies of the summit of Mt. Wrangell, Alaska

Preliminary results of research at the active summit of Mt. Wrangell, Alaska (Abstract). The geothermal heat flux has increased Significanty at the summit of Mt. Wrangell since 1964. This has I resulted in melting over 22 million m3 of' ice from the North Crater of the summit caldera, an order of magnitude increase in the area of exposed rock, and a settling of the glacier surface of up to 160m. Field work at the summit in August 1975, included establistment or five ground control points for aerial photogrammetry , measurement of glacier flow and resurvey of the snow surface in the caldera and North Crater, measurement of temperatures and temoerature gradients in exposed ash and sand, and two 4m glaciological oit studies with cores extending below 10 m. Nearly continuous air temperature, wind, atmospheric pressure, and seismic data were obtained over a three week oeriod. Preliminary analysis of glacier flow data indicate an apparent increase in glacier velocity since 1965. Glaciological volcanological studies at the summit began in 1961.

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