Recovery of Geopressured Energy Using the Biphase Rotary-Separator Turbine

The Rotary Separator Turbine (RST) is a concept of Biphase Energy Systems that has been developed for geothermal applications by Biphae and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). The RST can provide an efficient method for extracting energy from geopressured brines. In this application the RST would develop shaft power from the thermal and pressure energy of the brine and would recovery chemical energy as methane available for distribution. A comparative analysis of conceptual designs for an RST system and a two stage flash system indicates that ht RST system could deliver electricity at a cost about seven percent lower than a two stage flash system. Use of the Biphase Rotary Separator may result in more complete recovery of methane e than is possible with gravity gas liquid separators.

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