REE Sorption Study for Media #1 and Media #2 in Brine #1 and #2 at different Liquid to Solid Ratio's at Ambient Temperature 20150327 Shaker Bath test for Brine 1 1000-1 ratio 2 ppm each REE on Blank carbon oxidized carbon and media 1 (GG2-17 22 23).xlsx

This data set shows the different loading capacities of Media #1 and Media #2 in a high and low salt content brine matrix at different liquid to solid ratio's. These data sets are shaker bath tests on media #1 and media #2 in brine's #1 and #2 at 500mL-.5g(1000-1 ratio), 150mL-.75g(200-1 ratio), and 150mL-2.5g(60-1 ratio) at ambient temperature. This is a dataset for a shakertable experiment on media #1 in brine #2 at a 1000-1 ratio or 500mL-.5g at a pH of 5.5 at ambient temperature. The concentration of REE was at 2ppm each.

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