Relative Location of a Microearthquake Cluster at the Larderello Geothermal Field

On March 1993, seismometers connected to the Larderello seismic network began recording a series of microearthquakes the Larderello geothermal field in western Tuscany, Italy. L'Energia Elettrica of Italy (ENEL) initial estimates of the hypocentral locations and of events (Figure 1; ENEL, 1993). The Earth Massachusetts Institute of the analysis of this cluster in order to accomplish three objectives: (1) to more precisely determine the hypocentral locations using relative event location techniques such that the cluster geometry and overall location might suggest the geologic conditions and structures causing the (2) to determine focal mechanisms for a portion of the to supplement the information from the locations, to interpret the results from 1 and 2 in light of available geologic and geophysical data.

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Name Shirley Rieven, William Rodi, M. Naf Toksiz, Yingping Li, Charles Doll, Fausto Batini and Adolfo Fiordelisi
Organization World Geothermal Congress

Geographic Extent

North Bound 43.2429382
South Bound 10.893037
East Bound 10.885675
West Bound 43.235343