Seismic Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Fracture Generation During EGS Resource Development - Full Moment Tensors and Stress Inversion Catalogs Full MT Catalog.xlsx

This submission contains 167 full moment tensor (MT) solutions for the seismicity observed two years prior and three years post start of injection activities.

Also included are the azimuth and plunge angles for the three main stress directions sigma1, sigma 2 and sigma 3 at the Prati32 EGS demonstration site in the northwest Geysers geothermal reservoir. The data are divided into 15 time periods spanning a range of five years, including two years prior to start of injection until three years post start of injection activities. Full moment tensor of studied events: Event number, date, time, latitude, longitude, catalog depth (km), moment tensor depth (km), moment magnitude using Dziewonski and Woodhouse (1983) definition for scalar moment (MwDW), moment magnitude using Bowers and Hudson (1999) definition for total scalar moment (MWTot), scalar moment using Dziewonski and Woodhouse (1983) definition in dyn-cm (MoDW), isotropic scalar moment in dyne-cm (MoIso), scalar moment using the definition from Bowers and Hudson (1999) in dyn-cm (MoTot), total moment tensor components Mxx, Mxy, Mxz, Myy, Myz, Mzz (dyne-cm), percent double-couple (DC), percent volume-compensated linear vector dipole (CLVD), percent isotropic (IS0) and percent variance reduction (VR).

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