SMU Geothermal Laboratory Equilibrium Heat Flow Database

Abstract: Heat flow values for the United States are derived from temperature gradient and thermal conductivity data. The heat flow values in this dataset are considered equilibrium heat flow values. This is because the temperature logging of the well is after the drilling effects on the well have been eliminated and the rock formations returned to their in-situ temperatures. The measurements of temperatures in this dataset are the highest quality based on the probes used, speed of temperature collection, and length of measurement from the surface of the Earth to the bottom well depth thus helping to understand the changes in temperature throughout the well to improve the interval values. Many of the wells in this dataset include the published values in journal, books, maps, reports, etc., because SMU is one of the original heat flow database sources for the geothermal community. This version now includes heat flow values from University of North Dakota (UND) under the guidance of Dr. Will Gosnold and the Global Heat Flow Database. Additional parameters and description of the file content is available at

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