The Gulf Coast Geopressured- Geothermal Gas Resource - A Multipurpose, Environmentally Safe and Potentiall Economic Reality in Today's Market?

The geopressured-geothermal resource consists of gas-saturated brines contained in sandstone reservoirs under higher than normal coniming pressure and temperature. Such reservoirs are present in several sedimentary basins worldwide and those in the United States are shown in Figure 1. The northern Gulf of Mexico is the largest of such basins in the United States and is also one of the best known due mainly to the intensive exploration and production activities in this area. The northern Gulf of Mexico geopressured- geothermal resource has been estimated by Dorfman (1988) to contain approximately 250 TCF (trillion cubic ft) of recoverable natural gas and other researchers have provided various estimates ranging from 150 to 5,000 TCF and up to 11,000 quads of thermal energy in sandstone pore fluids to a depth of 22,500 ft. These estimates are all equivalent to many times more than the presently known conventional methane resources in the United States. The geopressured-geothermal resource contains chemical energy in the form of methane dissolved in pressurized brine, thermal energy consisting of high temperature brines (250F) which could be used for secondary hydrocarbon recovery and/or electricity generation, and mechanical energy generated through high brine flow rates (20,000+ barrels per day) which could be utilized to drive turbines to generate electricity.

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