Tularosa Basin Play Fairway Analysis: Groundwater, Heat Flow, Relief Map Tularosa_Basin_groundwater_CRS.zip

In this submission is the groundwater composite risk segment (CRS) used for play fairway analysis. Also included is a heat flow probability map, and a shaded relief map of the Tularosa Basin, NM. Groundwater composite risk segment (CRS) used in geothermal play fairway models of the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico and Texas. This data set was created from wells which penetrated ground water, springs, and the Lake Otero shoreline. Each dataset was buffered at 2 km and Union overlain. The polygons were then simplified using Dissolve.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 34.841810838027
South Bound 31.798274508597
East Bound -105.18389572654
West Bound -106.96226006408