Tularosa Basin Play Fairway Analysis: Partial Basin and Range Heat and Zones of Critical Stress Maps Partial_BasinandRange_quartz_geothermometer.zip

Interpolated maps of heat flow, temperature gradient, and quartz geothermometers are included as TIF files. Zones of critical stress map is also included as a TIF file. The zones are given a 5km diameter buffer. The study area is only a part of the Basin and Range, but it does includes the Tularosa Basin. Quartz geothermometer data across the Basin and Range was extrapolated to create this map. The silica concentration was used for calculating the geothermometer values, which are in degrees C.

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North Bound 42.853945603723
South Bound 31.697002864345
East Bound -104.42451273355
West Bound -118.90703400631