Tularosa Basin Play Fairway Analysis: Strain Analysis Tularosa_Basin_ZRratio_Zones.zip

A DEM of the Tularosa Basin was divided into twelve zones, each of which a ZR ratio was calculated for. This submission has a TIFF image of the zoning designations, along with a table with respective ZR ratio calculations in the metadata.

The primary results are in the table below, and high ZR ratio values indicate relatively high strain rates. Zone ZR ratio 1 1.2852479 2 1.17442846 3 0.89700274 4 0.74546427 5 0.99841793 6 0.86434253 7 0.83016287 8 1.91696538 9 1.13691977 10 1.68062953 11 1.23044486 12 1.13160887 The Tularosa Basin was divided into twelve, roughly equal, zones. Next, a ZR ratio was calculated for each zone individually. This provided a glimpse into how strain is changing throughout the Basin.

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North Bound 34.483246404525
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East Bound -105.30342434797
West Bound -106.88228061457