Twenty Five Years of Geothermal Training in Iceland

The Government of Iceland and the United Nations University (UNU) decided in 1978 to establish the UNU Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP). Orkustofnun (the National Energy Authority of Iceland) became the host institution of the UNU-GTP. Specialized training is offered in geological exploration, borehole geology, geophysical exploration, borehole geophysics, reservoir engineering, chemistry of thermal fluids, environmental studies, geothermal utilization, and drilling technology. The aim is to assist developing countries and Central and Eastern European countries with significant geothermal potential to build up groups of specialists that cover most aspects of geothermal exploration and sustainable development. The trademark of the UNU-GTP is to give university graduates engaged in geothermal work intensive on-the-job training in their chosen fields of specialization. The trainees work side by side with geothermal professionals in Iceland. The training is tailor-made for the individual and the needs of his institution/country. All participants are selected by private interviews during site visits to the countries concerned where UNU-GTP representatives visit geothermal fields, research institutions and energy utilities. Participants are selected for training in the specialized fields that are considered most relevant to promote geothermal development in the respective country. The candidates must have a university degree in science or engineering, a minimum of one year practical experience in geothermal work, speak English fluently, have a permanent position at a public energy company/utility, research institution, or university, and be under 40 years. During 1979-2003, 300 scientists and engineers from 39 countries have completed the annual six month courses. Of these, 43% have come from countries in Asia, 25% from Africa, 15% from Latin America, and 17% from Central and Eastern Europe. Over 80 have received shorter training. In 2000, MSc programme was started in cooperation with the University of Iceland. In many countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and Central and Eastern Europe, UNU-GTP graduates are among the leading specialists in geothermal research and development. They have been very successful, and have contributed significantly to energy development in their parts of the world.

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