Utah FORGE: Seismic and Other Shapefiles from the Roosevelt Hot Springs Area Mid-Crustal_Velocity_Anomaly.zip

Three shapefiles in this submission show the position of proposed seismic line surveys. The mid-crustal velocity anomaly file shows the extent of an anomalously low P-wave velocity zone in the subsurface. Two other files show the extent of known hydrothermal systems in the Roosevelt Hot Springs area. Another file shows the location of the proposed water pipeline to pump water from the supply wells to the deep drill site. This shapefile outlines a zone of anomalously low P-wave velocity and high attenuation below 5 km depth (Robinson and Iyer, 1981). NAD 1983 datum. Robinson, R. and Iyer. H.M., 1981, Delineation of a low-velocity body under the Roosevelt Hot Springs geothermal area, Utah, using teleseismic P-wave data: Geophysics, v. 46, p. 1456–1466.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 38.6867158822
South Bound 38.2867158822
East Bound -112.652795604
West Bound -113.052795604