Utah FORGE: Well 58-32 Schlumberger FMI Logs DLIS and XML files Well 58-32 PDF Logs

This zipped data set includes Schlumberger FMI logs DLIS and XML files from Utah FORGE deep well 58-32. These include runs 1 (2226-7550 ft) and 2 (7440-7550 ft). Run 3 (7390-7527ft) was acquired during phase 2C. Zipped dataset consisting of Schlumberger logs and derived graphics for well 58-32 (MU-ESW1) including Dipole Shear Sonic Imaging, FullBore Micro Imager, Array Induction, Porosity, Triple Combo, Caliper Cement Volume, Cement Evaluation Gamma Ray, Cement Bond, and VDL Wide logs. It also contains fracture dip data, histograms, and stereonets; and core log shift graphics and data.

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Name Greg Nash
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Organization Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah
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Geographic Extent

North Bound 38.6867158822
South Bound 38.2867158822
East Bound -112.652795604
West Bound -113.052795604