Washington State Play Fairway Analysis - Passive Monitoring of St. Helens Shear Zone for Tomography and Precision Microseismic Event Detection Passive_Seismic_Tomography_VpVs (1).zip

Data resources were derived from a passive seismic survey of the northern St. Helens Shear Zone on geothermal leases 12-24 km north of Mount St. Helens for phase 2 of the Geothermal Play-Fairway Analysis of Washington State Prospects. A 20 seismic station array of broadband seismometers was deployed with irregular spacing (1-4 km) over an area of 12 km to image seismogenic features and their damage zones in the shallow crust. Passive seismic tomographic model of shear wave velocity (Vs) compressive wave velocity (Vp) and Vp/Vs ratios. See 'info.txt' for additional details.

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Geographic Extent

North Bound 46.47087
South Bound 46.24204
East Bound -122.11724
West Bound -122.44774